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‘Do you long to create beautiful paintings but can’t get started?’

At last a proven step by step POWERFUL CREATIVE BLUE PRINT to eliminate creative blocks.
Now you can paint confidently!

Imagine being able to take a paintbrush, apply it to a canvas and gain outstanding results without a struggle?

Just like these beautiful paintings here!

The fact is it’s easy to do when I show you the how.

Imagine friends and family loving your paintings too!

Then imagine everyone wanting to BUY them!

HTPB Wall of paintings close up
This is called earn while you learn! And exactly what happens to many students in my How to Paint Blooms Painting Program. Can you see yourself yet? I can! There you are mastering how to blend the paint, how to mix colour and your walls at home growing with your gorgeous collection of paintings to show off!

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Chelsea La Vie En Rose Jac In Studio 6

Working on one of my own paintings destined for the Chelsea Flower Show in the UK. Most of my time is spent teaching however every now and again I respond to professional invitations and challenges.

I'm Jacqueline Coates, an artist of 30 years & an art teacher of 17 years with a reputation for the generous supply of excellent information that makes all the difference for my students.

Dragan MMFA Face Teaching and Room March 2020 No 5

Teaching Blooms at my Barossa Valley gallery ‘Salon Rouge’ in South Australia working with my high-level program students in the Make Money From Art Program.

Recently I’ve been travelling the world helping newbie artists to get over their fears with my trademarked system of painting called The Blooms Painting Method.
Jac Teaching Award 2019

I have taught across Australia, New Zealand, in the USA and in France and the UK. I’ve won awards for my innovative online teaching programs accelerating the wonderful results of my students.

My Blooms Painting Method has freed up and liberated hundreds and hundreds of newbie painters and those who’ve become stuck along the way.

My Blooms Painting Method is known for taking the pain out of painting, helping students to avoid the typical mistakes most students make.

HTPB ranuncula, peony and tulip line up

Three of the 33 paintings I teach you how to do in my How to Paint Blooms Painting Program Online using my easy-peasy BLOOMS PAINTING METHOD

Some went to art school and it didn’t work out, (most art colleges don’t even teach you how to paint!), whilst others got busy bringing up the kids, working and having responsibilities.

Now they are finding this time to liberate themselves creatively with my Blooms Painting Method and you can too.

You don’t even have to worry once you plug yourself into my
system because the system moves you along and gets you past your fears. As you produce the paintings your fear of painting disappears as you discover you can do this too, from the comfort of your own home!

One Day Workshop Hathesage Ladies Painting

Teaching Blooms in the UK! All of the details I share in my workshops are shared through the processes online. Paint your way to fabulous!


Now I’ve made my teaching available online so that you can enjoy learning at your own pace from the comfort of your home. It’s already a proven success with hundreds of students loving the program since Feb 2014.

My special invitation

Since we’ve just met, I’ve got a load of free tips for you and inspiration that I’d love to give to you regardless of whether you join my program or not!

Join my free Blooms Art Community!

Dragan Community Ladies

My students enjoy making friends online learning alongside them and sharing the journey in my Blooms Teaching Programs.

When they meet at an event they feel they already know each other. Having like minded others in your support group makes the art journey even more fun.

I’ve also got the BLOOMS ART COMMUNITY where you can hang out and see this area refreshed and updated frequently with more incredible free information to help you on your art journey and keep you inspired at this all important time.

Without even buying a program, it’s MY GIFT TO YOU to wish you well on your art journey. If you want to join me in the
BLOOMS ART COMMUNITY, click on the button below and I’ll see you on the other side!

Yes Jac, I would love to enjoy the support of the Blooms Community and all your FREE inspiring tips! 

See you on the other side! Jac x

HTPB JAC and paintings at desk

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