Welcome to the
‘pay as you go monthly’

payment option for
How to Paint Blooms

Features include;

  • Do as much or as little of the program as you like. You decide how much of the program you purchase
  • there’s no obligation to finish the program if you change your mind
  • enjoy continued access to the classes you have paid for to do in your own time even if you cancel ongoing payments
  • The program has a weekly email with the class link sent to you
  • Participate in the private Facebook group for members and join in for the Blooms Zoom How to Paint Blooms painting reviews
  • The monthly pay option allows you to budget as you invest in improving your painting skills with my How to Paint Blooms Painting Program

Just let us know at least one week before your monthly payment date if you wish to opt out and we will stop your monthly payments cycle. Continue your access on Facebook and to your lessons for all the lessons included till whatever stage you have purchased

So how does your payment plan work?

Instead of paying 1 lump sum of $2,220 (Aussie Dollars), you can spread your payments out to be paid monthly which is helpful if you’re on a budget.

This is how the monthly payments to a maximum of 12 months looks;

Month 1 – $185
Month 2 – $185
Month 3 – $185
Month 4 – $185
Month 5 – $185
Month 6 – $185
Month 7 – $185
Month 8 – $185
Month 9 – $185
Month 10 – $185
Month 11 – $185
Month 12 – $185

As long as you are paying your subscription you will continue to receive your weekly e-lesson. When you have finished paying to whatever level you decide to go to, you will continue to enjoy access to lessons you’ve paid for

If you do the full 12 months of payments, the payments will discontinue automatically after your month 12 payment and you will have paid in full with access to the entire program!

So what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to get going with your art!

See you in class! To get started on your NO FAIL blooms art training please enter your details here;

FAQ 1:
How long do I have to access my lessons?

The great news is, although you are paying for your program now, you can continue to enjoy the lessons afterwards and work at your own pace. Not everyone does a lesson every week, many of my students do the lessons over several years and enjoy coming back again & again to this invaluable material. So don’t feel pressured if you are receiving the weekly emails and not able to complete each lesson, then and there. The program is a wonderful resource that you can structure to suit your own time line.

FAQ 2:
How does it work if I decide to discontinue my monthly payments?

Let’s say you joined on the 13th of April. That would mean that each of your monthly payments are processed on the 13th of each scheduled month. If you opt out, then any time during that month will take you to the end of that monthly payment cycle and your program will conclude and you won’t be charged for the following month.

This is why we ask you to give us at least one week’s notice before your next billing cycle to ensure that we have concluded your payments when you need them to be concluded, for the following month and onwards, if that’s what you decide.

FAQ 3:
What if I decide I want to come back into the program and continue where I left off?

Unfortunately, it’s complicated for us to re-establish your payments, part way through a program after you’ve unsubscribed, so when you say goodbye, you are saying goodbye to accessing the rest of the program unless you want to start all over again. You can still access the lessons you have purchased.

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