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“Go from newbie to a confident painter with my easy to use mentoring program for just $69 per month”

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Beautiful Professional PhotoThousands of dollars of beautiful professional photo reference supplied to you from my own photo library so your paintings will look great from the get go. These are the same photos I choose from to make my own paintings which sell for thousands of dollars.I give many choices every month. I am constantly adding to it and you get the best!

Blooms Speed Colour Date



Learn the secret paint companies don’t want you to know and save hundreds of dollars when you experience my bonus Blooms Speed Colour Date lesson. Become a master of colour!




How to spot your own mistakes quickly and easily and correct them with a great technique I’ve designed to empower you to the hilt. It’s a mistake buster!

Create more time every week to paint


Create more time every week to paint with my honed list of top time savers

Insider’s guide to what you need to set up your at home paint studio

Make your mark in the studio with an easy peasy paint an artist chair project



BONUS MANUAL MONTH 2; The TEN biggest mistakes students make and what to do about them. Who wouldn’t want to know?

Enjoy my artist interview series!

Learn secrets of success from my amazing artist friends in series of helpful audio interviews. Listen while you paint! Meet interesting characters in the art world!

How to show off your work without looking like a try hard!

Secret Steps To Bending


JAC’S VIDEO BLENDING SERIES Access my all important secret steps to blending, the absolute deal breaker in painting successfully and easily.

How to mix greens and make your flowers truly bloom!

BONUS MONTH 4 ;Jac’s high impact 10 top tips  ‘Make your paintings even more beautiful’

Learn To Paint Tulips



How to take your own exquisite photo reference without expensive photographic equipment and own your own copyright.

Learn to paint tulips, iris, roses, poppies, magnolias, water lilies, sunflowers and more



Find  colour in shadows and make your paintings pack a  punch!

When and how to use medium with your paint

Student Hot SeatsHow to handle your paint and be in control

Hand held tutoring with step by step instructions and weekly e-lesson

Paint as little or as much as you like!

How to handle your newfound art status   with friends and family

How to make acrylics look like oils

Student hot seats where a student is selected to have their work critiqued and supported, yet we all learn from it

Famous Gardens


Visit famous gardens around the world for inspiration, without leaving home, like this one in Florence, pictured left.





BONUS KIDS E-LESSON MONTH 6 Enjoy my creative e-lesson using inexpensive art materials you can do from home and the kids will love it! I usually charge $45 per child for this but you can try it on your kids or grandkids for free!

I regularly answer the questions that students send in to me and share them for us all to learn from




CLEAR, SIMPLE, EASY TO FOLLOW  step by step Weekly E-lessons that progress your painting experience and information with easy to understand step by step lessons.

Each e-lesson has been purposefully designed to accelerate your learning building your knowledge and skills in a clear and logical sequence

(the samples shown left are by first time painters and were painted in a day

Step By Step Weekly E-lesson


Inspirational Mentoring sessions from Jacqueline Coates delivered in audio format or text

Competitions with great art supplies prizes from the Salon Rouge Gallery art shop four times a year


BONUS SESSION Month 8How to handle tricky stamens

BONUS SESSION Month 8; How to value your paintings and sell your work session, ideal  for helping newbies getting started

Colour mixing for skin tones in portraiture

Other student examples shared each month so you can compare your own progress with other newbies

Access to discounted canvases and special paint offers delivered to your door

Paint a portrait


Paint a portrait!

Paint your pets! It’s enough to give you the warm fuzzies! You’ll probably get orders from friends when they see your efforts!





BONUS VISIT MONTH 10 to Monet’s garden in Giverny.     Be inspired by this beautiful garden landscape and his paintings. Then paint flowers from his garden, like this beautiful pink peony pictured below.

A taste of landscape painting



A taste of landscape painting (hay bales on the left by a student )

Guest interview with a famous landscape painter who reveals his secrets, and let me tell you they are AMAZING!!!!!




Private online club for members only where you can post your work and meet like-minded others, sharing your progress

BONUS SESSION MONTH 12 Take a painting holiday from home to Spain, Portugal and Morocco and paint the inspiration I found there! OLE! Let me share how to take your art on holiday, and the secrets of packing your artist toolkit for travel.

Hot tips so you become the best painter you can be from a professional practising artist whose transformed hundreds and hundreds of newbies into painters!


Make your own gift card range


Make your own gift card range using your paintings as images.

CELEBRATE your painting portfolio and the milestone you have reached by the end of the program by showing your work!



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How To Paint Blooms Mentoring Program

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