Free up your painting style!

Introducing the fastest way to loosen

up and get great painting results!


If you have ever wanted to….

  • Try alternative techniques
  • Produce a painting in an hour or less
  • Paint in an effortless bold loose style
  • Create art where the paint application is just as interesting as the subject
  • Learn to create a series of paintings!
  • Embrace painting mistakes as happy painting accidents!
  • Paint shapes instead of intense detail
  • Give your inner perfectionist a holiday
  • Enjoy luscious paint layering
  • Paint productively
  • Combine painting AND drawing on the canvas
  • Paint 10 paintings with detailed guidance
  • Learn my easy peasy Freestyle Painting Process

then you will love my NEW ONLINE

Blooms Freestyle Cream Roses Online
Workshop Series because I cover all of this in guided detail and logical easy to follow stages that help you to see and paint in a different way so you can do it too!

PAINT 10 paintings with full guidance start to finish. Work independently and enjoy online live sessions and painting reviews & feedback 

Learn to see more colour! Learn to mix beautiful colours. Add texture! Become a bold painter!

Usually I paint blooms with a lot of detail. With the blooms freestyle I’ve become a painter who uses a luscious amount of paint. I’ve given myself permission through these processes to free up!  I can do a painting in a morning now. It gives me a whole new direction in my painting to play with. 

(Lynne’s first Blooms Freestyle lesson painting outcome left)

Lynne Brown, Blooms Freestyle Cream Roses student NZ 

10 fabulous guided video painting sequences are waiting for you along with a warm-up drawing session and my BLOOMS FREESTYLE PAINTING LICENCE TRAINING AND TEST before you start the painting projects.


If you can't a painting review session, you can post your painting on our private group page with any comments & questions. I will respond in detail which you can catch in the recording at a time that suits you!


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA TIME: 11am Mon 22 Jan, 2024

LOS ANGELES TIME: 4pm Sun 21st Jan, 2024
PARIS TIME: 1am Sun 21st Jan, 2024

If you can’t make the zoom, simply post your paintings for review on the Facebook page and Jac will record her feedback for you!

Get your paintings ready and see you in class!

Learn how to add impasto texture!

Our 10th painting is all about flowing texture. Catch the full set of videos and create yourown beautiful painting full of flowing texture with the palette knife.



Jacqueline is very generous, practical and shares her knowledge with everyone. Jac delivers a no fuss down to earth approach to anyone willing to take the plunge into the wonderful world of painting. I am currently enjoying the Blooms freestyle roses and totally amazed at the outcome. The videos along with Jacs tutoring has enhanced and fuelled my love of colour and painting. I love the fact we have the videos to replay and can do it anytime at home. So productive now!. So much fun. Thanks Jac for the encouragement that you give us all.🙏🏻💕😆💃🏻

I’ve been teaching & sharing my popular Blooms Freestyle Method for 15 years in Australian workshops as a method of freeing up and sharing the exhilaration of painting expressively and productively.

With so many students wanting to do this online, I’ve created a NO FAIL ONLINE WORKSHOP pack.

Do this at your own pace! Enjoy group painting review sessions and the support of me and other students in our private group Facebook page!

Everyone has their own handwriting and way of seeing which comes out in their work. This is a proven system of painting that gets great results and teaches you to see so much more and become a bold painter!

Apply my Blooms Freestyle system for great results each time with your very own imprint on it unique to you.
We are doing the artworks at a size you can produce lots of artworks and learn quickly.

Create paintings that are affordable,
quick to create, & make ideal gifts!

And ideal if you’re time poor or afraid to make a start. This is so much fun!

You will see results quickly.

Even if you have never painted before,
or if you’re in need of a creative reboot, you can;

  • Free up with the Blooms Freestyle Method & enjoy a fast fun painting style
  • Simplify shapes
  • Learn a liberating semi-abstract style with optional texture
  • Create volume and impact without time consuming detail
  • Paint with alternative tools you already have at home as well as brushes & palette knife
  • Colour-mix delicious pale rose colour palettes from champagne to blush hues, gold to lilac and peach!
  • Ditch your limitations and enjoy the exhilaration of painting
  • Learn where colour lives in your roses
  • Combine Drawing & Painting on the canvas
  • Learn to apply acrylic glazes you can make yourself
  • Train to handle the palette knife and other simple tools get beautiful marks
  • Have fun and produce beautiful work you feel proud of!

HOW ONE STUDENT was paid $350 from her first
Blooms Freestyle Cream Rose Painting

I sold my first small painting using Jac’s Blooms Freestyle Method I learned in her class in Perth
(the painting took me 90 minutes). I sold it for $350! I was approached by a buyer who fell in love with it!’


Here’s my blooming beautiful
Freestyle offer to fast track your
painting and free up!



Can I join with a payment plan?

Yes you can.
Monthly part payment plans are available by arranging with my assistant janneke@artscreativehub.com.


I have tried abstract painting before with mixed results. How will this be different?

My Blooms Freestyle is a SEMI ABSTRACT painting program where students will learn WITH STRUCTURED TEACHING to paint beautiful cream roses with different colour blush colourways and learn about freeing up their painting style whilst exploring a range of tools, markmaking and painting techniques.

This is not a fully abstract painting program where anything goes and there is no structure. Abstract painting retains only an essence of the original inspiration or not at all which can be confronting without years of painting experience. I will teach the how for semi abstract painting techniques I have developed and tested in workshops over years of training students that work.

In Blooms Freestyle, I’ve created a very freeing and reassuring BLOOMS FREESTYLE 7 STEP PAINTING METHOD which provides safety rails and guidelines for SUCCESSFUL RESULTS in paintings. This allows for the students imprint and style, yet also encourages students to risk without fear of failure and to gain a freed up approach to painting. Enjoy all the attributes of abstract painting without getting lost.

It’s up to you how much you let go of the form or introduce markmaking, so you are always in complete control of the outcome with full guidance along the way.
Results will vary to individuals and their preferences as they paint which is exciting!

Left; Student Painting results. All of them look great, right? And all of them look different, whilst still adhering to the teaching that makes these paintings a success. Many of these students were first time painters and this was their first painting. One of the students sold her sample for $350. It took her 90 minutes from start to finish.


How long will it take me to do a Blooms Freestyle Rose?

You can do at least one small to midsize Blooms Freestyle painting in a morning. This is a fun and fast technique. It’s ideal of you want to create stylish gifts for friends and family in a time efficient way.

Enjoy the full set of recordings for each painting and progress at your own pace when you like with unlimited access. Then join me for the BLOOMS ZOOM PAINTING REVIEWS AND LIVE BONUS TRAINING SESSIONS where I review the paintings and give you final tips & feedback.


Can I do this really as a complete beginner?

Yes you can. I have deliberately chosen projects with achievable outcomes yet there is so much to learn as we paint the 5 promised paintings plus all the additional teaching I will be providing in the `12 zooms, with extra painting challenges so you will really benefit a lot and be in a different place afterwards. You will achieve paintings quickly and have fun too!

You can do this even if you never painted before.

Breathe life into your paintings!

It’s also great if you want to BREATHE LIFE INTO YOUR PAINTING PROCESSES if you have become stuck and too tight with how you work, or if you simply want to REBOOT your art with a fun and fresh style.

Even if you aren’t sure what to do now, I provide details of everything you will need, what colours to buy and why, what tools to assemble for the lessons, and I show you how to do every stage so you feel safe to try it yourself.

There are video sequences and accompanying notes and full colour pictures for every lesson plus I supply more training, painting demos and painting sequences on the ZOOM live sessions which is a huge amount of fun for everyone. You will see things differently as a result of taking this course and have new options when it comes to painting.

When lots of great info is supplied bearing in mind my students may or may not have painted before, then students find they are delighted, and progressing. That is how I teach. I am a generous teacher and I give you lots of details and make it fun to do.


Do I need drawing skills?

No need to be able to draw!

Even if you can’t draw a stick figure now, don’t worry, I have you covered! I am showing you how to make draw and get great results and to keep it simple.


What if I live overseas? How does it work with the time line for the live Blooms Zoom sessions?

The LIVE BLOOMS ZOOMS sessions for the BLOOMS FREESTYLE WORKSHOPS ONLINE will run at varying times (mostly on Sundays which is Saturday for USA, CANADA, UK, EUROPE). I will make sure that EUROPE & UK have a time that suits for some of the sessions, AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND have times that suit them, and USA & CANADA have times that are perfectly suited to them too so everyone has a chance to attend live. Or catch the live recordings posted to the members area.

Quite often USA & CANADA find they can do the AUSTRALIA & NZ time, and AUSTRALIA can do the UK and EUROPE times. I will supply details inside the Welcome Notes of the program so no one misses out.


What if I can’t make a zoom session?

No problem. You won’t miss out!

All sessions will be recorded and saved in your private members area to access when you like. If you can’t attend a zoom it’s no issue. I can still comment on your work if you want feedback. I will invite everyone to submit paintings at whatever stage you want feedback. Then catch the recording after the session of you can’t make it. If you miss the zooms for a review of your work, then post in the Facebook page and I will see it.


How is Blooms Freestyle different from Paris Rose, Magenta Rose and other Blooms Programs?

My Blooms Freestyle will teach you an expressive way of painting with alternative painting methods, which are great for loosening up or if you are time poor.

This method gives you permission to let go of some of the details yet retain the feel of the subject matter. We explore the impact of the materials themselves and use tools other than paint brushes as well as paint brushes. The Blooms Freestyle paintings are quicker to do. There are techniques shown here that are totally different to what I show in Blooms Painting Programs.

My Blooms Painting Programs teach how to build a painting from scratch also, but with lots of detail and a more figurative approach to capturing a bloom with attention to the details, blending and the finish of the painting. We use brushes for Blooms projects to create the results and a structure is provided to create the paintings. The paintings take longer to do. The results are totally worth it.

In short, Blooms Freestyle is about freeing up. It’s an exhilarating way to work with paint and to create.


How will Blooms Freestyle benefit me?

Blooms Freestyle is an opportunity for any artist to

  • refresh with new skills
  • learn new ways of building a canvas from scratch in a short amount of time.
  • Learn how to see and understand form, which then translates to the paintings as powerful painting
  • how to simplify shapes for bold paintings
  • when and how to stop fiddling with your work
  • respond to your subject matter with your own unique mark making style you will develop
  • feel the exhilaration of creation in the moment
  • experience spontaneity as you paint
  • become a bolder more confident painter when you learn how to see overall shapes more quickly

When you learn solid and progressive new techniques with me it always feeds back to any other work or style you may have on the go. Working in this way can have wonderfully unintended beneficial side effects beyond what you intend.

FAQ 10

What materials will I need?

The Blooms Freestyle Workshop Online does not require expensive art supplies. One of the tools I will ask you to buy costs only $2!

FAQ 11

What if my FAQ is not answered here?

Please email my assistant at janneke@artscreativehub.com

This is Janneke below. She has done all of my programs so she knows how to answer any question you may have. She was once a terrified newbie but now sells her work and finds it relaxing to paint. Janneke lives in Wollongong and I live in the Barossa Valley in New South Wales. We work long distance together to look after the Blooms Online students.


First up, thankyou for considering me to be your painting teacher.

It can be nerve wracking to sign up to a course especially as a newbie painter or if you once had a bad art teacher!

Choose the wrong painting instructor and you may never pick up the brushes again after a disheartening experience! I hope that has never happened to you.

You have only to read my google reviews to learn from my students that I am a very generous and kind teacher who takes the time to show everything in detail and I make it easy for you with systems of painting I have created just for you so you can gain confidence and great results quickly.

I am also a successful artist with my own art practice and international art profile as a respected artist painter who has supported my family as a single mum for over 20 years from my paintings and art practice.

I have two degrees in the visual arts and have specialised in painting, drawing, printmaking and trained with internationally reputed and museum collected artists as well.

I painted full time in my own art practice and supported my family from my paintings for over 20 years selling my work to buyers internationally.

All of this aside, I have developed my own awarded and recognised systems of NO FAIL Blooms teaching that work, and provide solid knowledge and understanding, (not Youtube quick thrill painting techniques!). My teaching has provided a confident foundation for thousands of artists.

My Blooms teaching  which can be applied to any subject matter comes from a solid respect and understanding of a history of amazing artists, from studying original paintings in detail from Paris to LA and New York, including Monet, Manet, Fantin Latour, and more. Consequently the work you will produce with me will be of quality.

It’s not surprising that my students regularly sell their work they produce whilst learning with me and EARN while they LEARN with many students going on to make a great income from painting and making art their lifestyle.

The great news is that you, the student and client, can ask questions throughout my course and have an interactive relationship with me your art teacher. This is not just recordings on a platform.

Although my Blooms Freestyle Online Workshop is NEW to online it’s a workshop I have been buffing and honing through a series of processes for over 18 years and practising myself in my own art pieces. Students have been asking me for some time to make this available online.

Although I have video full recordings of the instruction ready to enjoy from sign up, and it’s easy to just offer those, as they are comprehensive and effective, I know the EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE way to teach you is to not teach in an isolated teacher vaccuum.

I prefer the interaction of the students to ensure all their questions are answered and any painting issues responded to.

It’s all about YOUR painting results. No matter where you are on the planet you will enjoy the experience of working at a real time workshop pace, as opposed to having the painting demo magically evolve and no questions asked leaving you the student in mystery.

My students love what they get because I am a generous teacher, giving a heap of innovative info, and putting my students needs first.

And I absolutely LOVE helping students learn, nurturing them as their paintings unfold just like the petals of a bloom unfold.

How my teaching differs

I teach FULL TIME and teach online as well interactively. That means my students and creating programs for them come first every day. I have been teaching for over 20 years and been a full time artist for 33 years! Art is my absolute passion!

When possible I also teach my workshops in person in many locations across Australia, New Zealand, LA, and France. At all times I have a busy and active artist community working at different levels of challenges with my painting programs.

My aim is to take the pain out of painting for my students so they gain confidence quickly! I’ve even won teaching awards I haven’t gone looking for from the work I do.

Here’s what my students have had to say about BLOOMS FREESTYLE


Apart from creating a BIG BLOOMS painting in just one day we did some fabulous warm up paintings the day before. It challenged me to get outside my comfort zone and use new tools, and free up which was really good. I hardly used any brushes to achieve my results! Thanks, Jac!
It was fantastic!’

I paint in a very detailed manner usually so I was delighted that I could paint a big blooms painting in one day. I was looking for some ways to free my painting up. I learned a range of Blooms Freestyle techniques and how to use other materials with the paint. It’s all gone into the bank as a deposit to grow my skills. It’s opened my mind. I had become a bit closed. To paint his big blooms panting in one day is awesome. It’s just been gorgeous. You are a marvellous teacher.’


Jac is always a gorgeous teacher. Lots of fun. I got to do a painting where I was able to be free and learned lots of different and new techniques taking me to new heights. I have some lovely pieces to show for it. Thankyou Jac.’

Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the chance to work with me online with the Blooms Freestyle Cream Rose Workshop!


Okay! Time to hand yourself in & become a confident & free painter!

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