with Jacqueline Coates

Live your creative dream & Get Paid For It!

‘Give me 6 hours a week & I’ll turn you into an income producing artist from home within 12 months with my Blooms Make Money From Art Program!’

You’re about to discover:

• How to A-C-C-E-L-E-R-A-T-E your ability to paint beautiful SALEABLE art you feel PASSIONATE about, how to GET PAID for your work and APPRECIATED with a new art identity and business tailored to you!

  • This is a UNIQUE PROGRAM designed by a real life successful artist who achieved a growing 6 figure income selling her own art from a small country town WORLDWIDE! Now it’s your turn to shine as you learn the secrets from an artist who is the real deal!

Give YOURSELF permission to become a successful artist! The most important person to gain approval from is you, not the art world, or your partner. If you want this you can have it! It’s time to take action to make your dreams reality!

  • You too can learn to paint a masterpiece from scratch with my NO FAIL Blooms PAINTING METHOD, to a professional finish, even if right now you can’t draw a stick figure.
  • Enjoy relevant and INSPIRING education formulated from real life experiences in an ever changing art world. No long, boring essays. Stimulate your creative dreams with group zoom get togethers with like-minded others on their path to launching their art.
  • Make a whole new circle of creative friends and connect!
  • Profit and accelerate your development learning from me, Jacqueline Coates, a selling artist in the slip stream of creative abundance and possibility for over 30 years! Learn to work smart! Learn from the experiences of other successful MMFA students in a supportive encouraging community.

What if I showed you the secrets of how to make money from art and attracting sales?

Allow me to share my story with you as I sit here now in my very own beautiful gallery and painting studio, Salon Rouge Gallery, on the edge of the glorious Barossa Valley, with just the sound of the birds and my favourite arts program on the radio.

My paints and palette are set up to paint with a huge canvas to capture the arm load of almond blossoms collected from a country lane.

 I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s all real, that I really have created this amazing lifestyle for myself.

I was able to put my two children through two of the best private schools (even though I am a single mum) for the last three years of their high school education thanks to my art. And I now support my daughter to study in Paris.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I was able to create my own painting studio in France 20 minutes drive from where Monet painted his first series of 29 paintings. DREAMS COME TRUE! When you hang out in my MMFA PROGRAM absorbing the knowledge and taking action, your dreams will come true too!

Not only do I call my own shots on the hours I work, and when, but my time table is my own to design.

Best of all, painting fits around my relationships and family.

I’ve been invited to show my work overseas in major events, to work with big companies and fashion designers, paid to work with celebrities at VIP launches, paid to be a guest on media channels sharing my lifestyle, appeared in Vogue and many other magazine editorials .I’ve even painted live at the Sydney Opera house!

All thanks to being an artist painting my Blooms!

But hang on! Umm… err…

My life wasn’t always this wonderful!

Actually, I didn’t always have a dream lifestyle. I once worked in a job in an advertising agency for 60 gruelling hours a week but paid for 40 hours. It felt like a prison. I wanted out.

Weekends? What were they? My time was not my own. I often felt unappreciated (though my bosses were lovely,) because of the amount of times my work got trashed by fickle clients and changing marketing plans.

I had little control over my life, the hours I worked or what happened at work. Stressed out, I decided there had to be more to life than this.

Yep, that was me before I picked up the paint brushes!

However I studied and eventually finished a full time degree course at College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales as a mature student, fitting this in with a hectic work time table and a share house in Rozelle, Sydney.

  • I attended workshops with the amazing Graham Nickson of the New York Studio School when he came to Australia
  • I went to 5 exhibition openings in Sydney a week to see bodies of work by emerging and established artists
  • I painted in all my spare time, and read art books and journals
  • for holidays I explored cultural centres such as Paris, New York and London to absorb the best they had, scour the art museums, the art supply shops, the parks and gardens.
  • I gained work experience in top Sydney art galleries learning behind the scenes
  • I spent all my spare income on art materials instead of shoes!
  • I rented a painting studio in an artist warehouse and spent all my after work hours painting
  • I dragged bunches of exquisite sunflowers home and painted them in oils with my bare fingers
  • I painted enormous rose canvases and hung them in my share house rental

In short, I invested into myself and my passions and treated it like making deposits into the bank, for a life I would lead when I could. Every bit of education and experience would help me on my path. This kept me sane when life was not the way I wanted it to be.

My real inspiration as an artist came from a dream

During this time of change I had a powerful dream that would change everything and give me the courage to eventually cut the ties with an old life and leap into the new. Though scared as hell, I trusted it would somehow work out.

Perhaps you’ve been in a position before where you don’t know all the answers but you decide to do something anyway.

That’s where I was.

In my dream I found myself standing inside a deep red rose that was like a big dark velvety auditorium.

A diva with a magnificent bust wrapped in crimson red silk threw out an arm and let forth the most wonderful vibrato at the top of her lungs that took hold of my whole being in the most sublime way. I then was transported to a scene where I was the observer watching myself paint the most exquisite and ginormous canvas with a deep dark red glowing rose.

I woke up motivated to work out how to paint these uplifting beauties. Over the years, despite my university painting requirements, I kept returning to the blooms as subject matter.

Yes I did have my doubts.

It wasn’t all plain sailing!

Don’t worry, when I started out, I had loads of concerns including;

  • But I can’t draw
  • I’m totally inexperienced. Can I really become an artist?
  • I have trouble handling the paint
  • Colour mixing wheels bamboozle me. How will I ever be a real artist?
  • People will laugh at my work
  • It’s embarrassing to declare myself an artist even though I feel like one inside
  • How can I have this in my life and how can I support myself financially?
  • Other artists are so much better than me. Why bother at all?
  • How will I fit it all in? I’m already so busy.
  • How will I know when the painting is finished?
  • Will anyone actually be interested in what I do?
  • I even had the feeling I might be arrested and told to stop!

For a long time I hung blank white canvases on the wall too afraid to make a mark!

Then I found the key to painting quickly & beautifully

If there were mistakes to be made I made them.

Until I devised a simple system that meant my paintings progressed logically and assuredly to beautiful results every time which I developed for myself so I could paint the beautiful flowers in my dreams. As well doing the uni homework, I wanted to pursue these images I dreamed about but there was no teaching that worked for the blooms of my dreams.

I decided the best way to control the outcome of the painting was to paint from a photo. So I took lots of photos of red roses until I found the ONE that felt perfect and like my dream. I developed a system to build the painting. When I painted it up to a 7 feet square canvas, a friend bought it funding a trip to Paris where I studied the French Impressionists.

ABOVE; The beautiful old barn I renovated and where I raised my two children and created my painting studio

Later on I found myself pregnant with my second child knowing I would need to prepare for life as a single parent. This brought new concerns such as;

  • How will I support my family if I paint?
  • How can I afford child care?
  • How will I paint with two children?

My life script went AWOL so I decided to take a leap of faith.

I had bought an old dilapidated stone barn in the Barossa Valley. I wanted to be with my children and paint from home as there would be one full time parent for them. Before I left my job and my life in Sydney, I painted up an exhibition of beautiful Blooms paintings including peonies, tulips, roses and many other blooms whilst pregnant with Lily.

I even wrote my own PR. With nothing to lose I sent it to
magazines and newspapers.

To my surprise several magazines published the exhibition dates and a colourful picture of my work. It suddenly looked real and important splashed across the media!

As I was having my exhibition and inviting more and more people to the opening night, I knew I had crossed my biggest hurdle: giving myself permission to be an artist and letting everyone know about it, no matter what they might think of me.

Of course it all felt like new territory. I stuck to my plan with a count down to the day knowing that every step had to be covered no matter what if I wanted to enjoy SUCCESS!

I felt terribly audacious and in the weeks leading to the event like someone might tap me on the shoulder and stop me! But no-one did!

Opening night was packed to full capacity with the crowd spilling onto the street. I just fit into my stretchy evening dress with my 8 months pregnant bulging belly. With my son Hanni on my hip, we sashayed round the space welcoming everyone.

The fear evaporated and I was having fun! Nearly everyone I had invited came along and so many people I had never met before wanting to be a part of the celebration to see my 27 paintings.

Friends and family helped pour wine, offer food, and place red dots next to my paintings which meant they had sold. What a relief to see the red dots!

The whole night felt like a brand new exciting chapter unfolding in my life.

My successful launch exhibition was key to setting up my art business and supporting my family

I sold over half the paintings, about $18,000 in its first week of my  December 2000 exhibition. I took another $15,000 of orders for painting commissions in the following weeks creating brand new income from doing what I loved! The requests continued to stream in.

Although nowhere near the figures I had been earning in the advertising world it was an income and meant I could support my young family.

Not long after as a mother to two children under two, living in my stone barn in the Barossa renovated to a home and studio, I was offered invitations to exhibit and to teach.

I was willing to give it a try.

My first time teaching others to paint the blooms way

I had never taught before. They had never painted!

 So I put together my Blooms Painting Method® which formalised my original and logical approach of painting the subject matter, and applied it to a group of 12 trusting and eager Barossa Valley ladies who most certainly couldn’t draw or paint but were looking to me for the answers.

Step by step, their beautiful blooms paintings unfolded before our eyes. The Blooms Painting Method™ ensures no one goes missing in action. Everyone had a success.

You don’t have to be able to draw or have painted to paint BLOOMS with my teaching

We all have our own handwriting, and whether we know it or not, our own personal style comes through from the way we see things, our preferences, and our sense of touch on the canvas. Even though they had followed the system with the same photo in that first class the paintings were unique.

Although I had income from these two events, I learned to create new ways to create art income eventually completely surpassing what I had previously earned in the corporate world.

With national editorial exposure in magazines I had the very pleasant dilemma of trying to keep up with all the business offers and work that came my way, including invitations to take my images onto a giftware range, and David Jones department store wanting to stock prints nationally.


I taught my Blooms Painting Workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and the Barossa as well many country towns, and in Wellington, and Hamilton, New Zealand then Los Angeles, the UK, and at my French Art School in France.

My blooms painting workshops grew in offerings and reputation.

ABOVE; With three students from MEXICO who met me in LOS ANGELES for PAINT BLOOMS USA. As you can see they are looking very happy with their teacher and what they learned!

RIGHT; With students of my French Art School in Paris. Travelling the world feeds constant inspiration into my MMFA PROGRAM and my students benefit.

In 2012, I took my proven BLOOMS teaching to the world online and in 2016 founded French Art School spending 3 months a year in France.

My students are from Canada, the USA, UK, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, India, The Netherlands and even the Canary Islands!

ABOVE; Teaching in Derbyshire, UK. That’s me on the far right with thrilled students who in JUST ONE DAY, learned they could create a stunning painting.

I have been sharing how to become a confident selling artist through my online mentored painting program MAKE MONEY FROM ART since 2012, and helping hundreds of artists to become confident artists and launch the lifestyle of their creative dreams.

Many of my students have achieved regular income and many have achieved six figure incomes and international reputations.

Life has a way of surprising us with the most amazing opportunities when we are ready and put ourselves up for it.

Here’s what my students say about my BLOOMS PAINTING WORKSHOPS & ONLINE TEACHING

The difference between a rich artist and a poor artist: they may both put in the same effort but the rich artist has learned how to work smart and market themselves

Sadly, hundreds of students exit art college and university every year creating totally

unsaleable artwork and depending on a commercial gallery system to support them. Tricky when the gallery commission is as high as 45% plus expenses. This is a no win situation keeping artists poor.

Going to university is a privilege not everyone can afford without making a living at the end of it. The professors are great but they are not making income from their art. They are on wages and not confronted by the need to make an income from their art. Ask yourself… are they the best people to teach you how to forge a path as an artist if they are not relying on income from their art themselves? 

Worse still is learning from freebie videos in a disconnected way learning bad habits off the internet without knowing what you don’t know and the poor quality work resulting from this. And watch out for newbie artists turned teachers without training setting up a plaque overnight but having no true art experience of any depth. Ouch! What a disaster to navigate in this new online world too!

So what exactly is the New Edition MMFA Program?

My program puts the power into your hands and fast. Instead of the usual teacher to student relationship, I teach my students to paint well and grow their confidence in their painting skills quickly, and then to think differently and become ARTREPRENEURS drawing on their own distinct differences.

Of course I have outstanding information and training that is proven to make all the difference. Typically my students start selling their art straight away. Some like to take the time to ripen as artists which is fine too.

The New Edition MMFA Program is a combination of online study, practical painting application, & professional development with LIVE Blooms zoom sessions which are also recorded for your convenience & private mentoring sessions we do through a choice of communication channels to suit you.

It’s a supportive creative environment that’s alive with new incoming material.

The MMFA Program does not require attendance in person. It can be done completely online.


I am already up to my fourth edition of the MMFA PROGRAM because I know that being stimulated with great material helps bring about the changes you desire. This is not a static space. A bit like yoghurt, this is LIVE CULTURE! Fed by real experiences and events as well as proven core material I have created and constantly review to better your outcomes.

The MMFA PROGRAM is supplied on a beautiful and easy to use platform with everything written by me, a practising international professional artist of 30 years and teacher of 18 years with a proven track record and 5 star Google ratings.

I’ve taught thousands of people in almost all countries!

I share the same business knowledge that has made my art product top of it’s niche. Benefit from the investment I made in myself with training in business. I have found a way to make marketing fun for artists.

Fast track your reputation through a range of easy to apply online techniques.

My compassionate teaching style unlocks painting for total newbies and those who are stuck.  Let’s get you to where you want to go!

Paint any subject matter when you learn my Blooms Painting Method. There are two highly saleable painting styles I teach in the Program. You can apply them to anything you want to paint.

Plus once you master the painting skills and productivity, let me help you to DEFINE YOUR OWN DISTINCTIVE STYLE in your work.

Your entire MMFA Program content can be accessed from an app on your smartphone, tablet and from your computer.

No need to lug heavy books around. Study from anywhere at any time!

Bring me to life when you want via videos or book a mentor session! Play the videos through your TV’s HDMI!

Not surprisingly my students make rapid progress and launch successfully in one to two years from scratch when for most artists it normally takes a lifetime or at least ten years to become a good painter and figure out how to make an income, and have the confidence to get out there with the work.

My students avoid wasted time and costly mistakes. They avoid the struggle because I share and show clearly the best most effective path possible. My students learn how to work smart!’


If you think this sounds different to any other art course you’ve heard about before, you are right!

  • Flexible- no heavy books or boring essays
  • Written and taught by a successful artist
  • Work at your own pace
  • Loads of support in the program with great info
  • A friendly supportive community of students
  • Earn while you learn!
  • Increase your skill set and confidence
  • Fun and enjoyable!
  • Results producing
  • Life changing!
  • A private Facebook for the MMFA Program students where we share our work
  • First I teach you how to paint with my MY AWARD WINNING life transforming Blooms Painting Methods 1 and 2!
  • Then I show you how to earn income from your work without feeling like you are a pitching. Great work attracts and it’s about knowing the steps to support that. There is the option to develop your style and your own direction. No need to wait to be perfect to get started. NOW is perfect even if you don’t know as yet the difference between a ferrule and a filbert. (Don’t worry , I will explain!)
  • Even if you do this to improve your painting to a professional finish and don’t want a business, others will want to buy your paintings because great inspiring paintings attract sales! The market will come after you.
  • Become the artist of your dreams and an ARTREPRENEUR so your inspiration can take off like wildfire and be shared with the world!


* Applications are reviewed and once enrolment is approved as appropriate to go ahead we will confirm enrolment . If the application is not successful your payment will be refunded. Please note that places for mentored tuition with Jacqueline are limited. Many thanks.

Here’s what my MMFA PROGRAM students are up to. Many had never painted before;

Janneke K, Wollongong, NSW

‘First I overcame my painting fears & learned to paint with Jac’s teaching & support, then I sold my first painting to a USA client. They loved it so much they have commissioned a second painting! I’m proud to call myself an artist!’

‘Just sold my 6th painting for February, 2021!’

Pat H, MMFA student grad who learned to paint from scratch with me and is now a full time selling artist. There is no such thing as a late bloomer! Congrats to Pat!
Pat H, Victoria


Jo T. from Perth learned to paint from scratch with me for pleasure a year ago and is now in the MMFA Program enjoying the recent addition of live painting sessions and new video sequences, making great progress online.

Jo produced this outstanding piece recently.  From never painted before to this professional looking painting is outstanding. Now Jo is ready to take her work to he world and be rewarded for her work.

JO T, is an MMFA Program student from Perth, Western Australia
Wini D, is an MMFA PROGRAM student

From total newbie and nervous to selected finalist for art sculpture trail!

 ‘Last year I was one of 100 artists selected to paint a UooUoo sculpture for the Royal Children’s Hospital Art Trail in Melbourne & Geelong. Mine is located at Southbank. I used the Blooms Colour mixing techniques I learned in the MMFA Program.’

LYN B is an MMFA Program student from rural NSW.


Lyn B learned to paint Blooms and has become a selling artist now with her own style.

Only a short time ago, Lyn wondered if her beautiful paintings developed in the MMFA Program would sell. Invaluable mentoring through the transition period from non-selling artist to selling artist helped Lyn to keep the faith. Now painting sales and commissions are the norm! Congrats!


* Applications are reviewed and once enrolment is approved as appropriate to go ahead we will confirm enrolment . If the application is not successful your payment will be refunded. Please note that places for mentored tuition with Jacqueline are limited. Many thanks.

Become the artist of your dreams!

I will help you to…

  • get your painting on track through proven Blooms art lessons
  • gain control of your paint to quickly produce saleable art!
  • paint to a professional finish
  • earn while you learn
  • evolve your own style of painting
  • work smart and avoid the painful mistakes other artists make
  • think like an artrepreneur and come out on top of every situation
  • build your business from the get go
  • take action in a series of steps and stay motivated
  • position yourself to become a thriving in demand artist with your own fan base
  • become an appreciated selling artist with a great reputation and the well-deserved respect of others

Your dreams can come true when you work with me


for the New Edition MMFA Program 2022

Limited places available

Also known as the New Edition Make Money From Art Program, written, created & mentored by Jacqueline Coates.

This is now a complete stand alone program you can take even if you have never painted before and study online.

What’s in the New Edition MMFA Program 2021-2022?


No two artist graduates look alike! I help you to discover the distinctive artist in you!

If you love the sound of my MMFA PROGRAM


* Applications are reviewed and once enrolment is approved as appropriate to go ahead we will confirm enrolment . If the application is not successful your payment will be refunded. Please note that places for mentored tuition with Jacqueline are limited. Many thanks.


A funny thing happens when you hang out with truly successful ethical people.
You become that too!

Join me to paint like a pro and think like one too!
Be inspired by a community of successful artists on the up and up.


You can take my NEW EDITION MAKE MONEY FROM ART PROGRAM from anywhere in the world with full access online

All you need is $500 deposit and we will be in touch to work out the rest. Part payment plans are available in Australia and NZ.

The New Edition Make Money From Art is already helping students in the USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, & EUROPE to master their painting skills and sell paintings & painting commissions.


Online Student from the USA thrilled with progress

Joy Sykes has been learning online with me for about two years from the USA.

 She shares the following comment about the MMFA Program Art Residency online she took in 2020;

Michelle F is busy mum and owner of a local business in rural  NSW, &  close to achieving her dreams of becoming a full time artist having been with in the MMFA for two years with a  steady stream of painting sales and art commissions!

‘STEPHANIE FROM THE USA; ‘I’m now open for business online and about to have my first show! A special shout out to Jacqueline Coates for being patient & such an inspiration!’

Stephanie L, is an MMFA student grad from the USA

Karen J from Northern NSW positively  painted her way with the MMFA PROGRAM through a life threatening illness to confirmed health and demand for her paintings. This one was painted recently for a local business! Awesome work Karen! You are an inspiration to us all! 


Jan H from rural Victoria owned a hair salon when I first met her for Blooms. She joined the MMFA has been on TV twice as an artist, mastered painting & her painting direction, & changed careers  to become a selling artist whilst in the MMFA Program!

 Jan H has recently been busy with commissions and painting for pleasure, enjoying responding to demand for her work. Congratulations!


* Applications are reviewed and once enrolment is approved as appropriate to go ahead we will confirm enrolment . If the application is not successful your payment will be refunded. Please note that places for mentored tuition with Jacqueline are limited. Many thanks.



Given that everyone has different life demands, a two year period is provided to hang out do the work which is plenty of time, though some get the results in one year. Everyone will do the MMFA Program differently. Mentoring support assists you to come out as you the artist with your unique interests and style coming through your work.

This is not a course full of essays or studying ancient art, it’s artrepreneurial. It gives you what you need to know to make great decisions, successful plans and advice that are tested and proven, because I have lived them. So have my students!

The time is spent painting or taking actions to develop your art practice & reputation.

 My program saves you a lot a wasted time. With a background in marketing as well as art, and Make Money From Art oven successes in a wide range of applications as an artist, I share and inspire how you can have it too.


Given We all have times when we can get to the easel and when that is challenged by other demands. If you can get to the easel for a minimum of 4 hours a week even if you do some of those times together online with me, that’s great. There are times when you need to do more. Ideally 6-8 hours a week with times off for holidays naturally and times when you put in more effort closer to an event with your art.


The MMFA PROGRAM is accessible from an app from your phone or from your laptop or computer. No need to cart around a load of books. By working your way through material you will know it and carry the knowledge with you.

There are lots of videos and it’s easy to take in with lots of colourful visuals to inspire. Many components can be downloaded to keep.

We all learn in different ways therefore I have easy to rad and follow with loads of images lessons, video recorded lessons, audio mentoring, artist interviews, real life experience accounts, technical support manuals, problem shooting videos my students enjoy, colourful engaging posts, downloadable and keep sections, checklists and more. As well as access to me, the MMFA GROUP and administration support.


Every one of my students has been nervous and excited when joining the MMFA Program, and all of them have had plenty of time (allow up to 2 years  with the option to extend your subscription) to make the transformation to the successful artist they wanted to become. Some don’t want to finish or leave and that is fine too, I am always adding new material so if you need more time there is a resuscribe fee option but don’t worry its always great value and acknowledges you as an existing customer.

The New Edition MMFA PROGRAM is designed to be a stand alone program you can do even if you have never painted before. It has lots of support to get you going with your painting and will build your skills.

The main thing is IF YOU WANT IT, take action and give yourself permission and approval to do it!


I have met many students who went through traditional art school and failed to become artists because no one has shown them how to paint. They get other jobs instead because they don’t know what to do through no fault of their own.

Decades go by before they get the courage to try again!

Within days of meeting them I get them back on track and confident to become the artists they always wanted to be.

As a single mum, I created MULTIPLE ways to MAKE MONEY FROM MY ART. I am thankful for the challenges because they brought me fabulous opportunities I can now celebrate and share with others.

This approach is the exact opposite to most artists who are frequently mute and let the gallery do the talking for them missing out on valuable opportunities. I teach my artists to be artrepreneurs and to think differently.



is an opportunity to take time together for a high-level painting challenge to deepen your knowledge and understanding. It is only available to MMFA PROGRAM students by application when I offer it as a separate add on.

There is one planned for each October as a start which then continues a day a week over several months to allow time for more complex work.

In 2020 we did it for a total of 7 days over a period of 3 months of live painting challenge and development with support on a separate teaching platform. Think of this as a specialist product to buff and hone.

The participating students from 2020 absolutely loved it and grew their skills enormously online. The students were from the USA and Australia. 

The MMFA ART RESIDENCY includes specific business components plus one on one development.

FAQ 7 Is there an in person MMFA art residency in the Barossa?

This is offered as a program add on for MMFA students only. Every now an an Offer will be made once you are inside the program to attend a small group live painting and MMFA development week with me. This is an add on to the program that you can elect to purchase. Many students love the in person contact and the opportunity to advance their skills in an environment free from distraction.


An in person add on component for an actual live-in art residency option for those in Australia and NZ will be offered to attend in the Barossa Valley for during the second half of 2021 to include 5 days and 6 nights including accommodation. Once again details will be shared inside the program. There are frequent opportunities for MMFA PROGRAM STUDENTS ONLY to join me in small groups for projects that challenge and allow you to develop even more painting confidence as well as have the fun of painting together.


If you are a member of the Blooms Masterclass, OR THE FULL NEW EDITION OF HOW TO PAINT BLOOMS you will be offered a bonus pack worth $497 called the BLOOMS PAINTED DRAWING which will teach you more skills with your painting and a different style of painting. This is a brand new release product. 

Ie There are several lessons available now and more are released in coming months. There are no discounts for other painting lesson products. The Blooms Painted Drawing Series product will have its own private group page and will be releasing generally later in the year but available now to new sign ups of the MMFA PROGRAM. 


The Make Money From Art New Edition is designed to take place in 12 months but I supply you with 24 months to enjoy it at your own pace. If you need more time, we have cost effective subscription extensions available at that time. This works well for many students who enjoy the MMFA experience and aren’t ready to finish up. They get to access the new material always being added to the program!

FAQ 10 Do I have to pay in full or can I pay over a period of time?

We always try and make the payments work for the students so we are happy to work with you to tailor the best option using Paysmart for those in Australia and New Zealand.

FAQ 11 What if I have a few more questions?

When you apply and fill out the form, you are welcome to return it with any outstanding questions you have before finalising enrolment details.

FAQ 12 What are the methods of payment?

We ask you for a deposit of $500 at the time of applying so we know we are not wasting yours or our time. Once we confirm the enrolment and your place, then we also confirm in consultation with you how you would like to proceed with payment. Some people like to pay in full on credit card, PAYPAL or by direct deposit.

If you are outside of Australia it’s handy to know PAYPAL is easy to use as is

TRANSFERWISE now known as WISE, which offers excellent transfer rates, much cheaper than regular banks.

For those in Australia or New Zealand I can arrange my team to create a PAYSMART account for you to pay monthly instalments after a deposit.

FAQ 13 I may have to travel/look after a sick relative/cover a big work function that will keep me away from painting for several months. Can I pause my program?

If you have a legitimate and good reason that you can’t paint for a while and need time out, I can arrange to pause your subscription, but not the payments.

The amount of time paused will depend on the issue under consideration.

Once the program has been exposed to the student there are no refunds and payments in full are required of the program.

If you work full time and wish to develop your skills now, I can on a case by case basis, offer additional time in the program providing there are signs you are taking action in the program.

FAQ 14 How much can I make from selling my paintings?

Incomes that artists from the program make varies. There are many students who have achieved six figure incomes. Others are happy with an income under $100,000. The program will grow you and I am there to help you reach your goals. Income can accrue from multiple streams associated with the paintings not just the painting themselves. There are many ways to make income from your art.

In my own case I started with a show that sold well, and had a lot of commissions from that. The next year I doubled my income and then the year after added another $50,000 to my income. Soon I was making three times as much as I did when on a good 6 figure income in the corporate world with less overheads. If you are willing to show up at the easel and paint and develop your work, there are wonderful rewards and a flexible schedule.

FAQ 15 How do I know this is the right fit for me?

If you haven’t worked with me before and not sure what your signing up for and want to make sure that the program is a good fit for you, which is important t o me as well, why not try my Blooms Paris Rose first which will give you a project of 3 stunning blooms paintings at $297

This gives you the opportunity to confirm my style of teaching and painting methods.

If you would still like to proceed you are welcome to apply and if successful, we will deduct your payment for the Blooms Paris Rose of the full program cost of Make Money From Art Program

Check out Paris Rose here or continue below to apply for Make Money From Art


* Applications are reviewed and once enrolment is approved as appropriate to go ahead we will confirm enrolment . If the application is not successful your payment will be refunded. Please note that places for mentored tuition with Jacqueline are limited. Many thanks.

See you in class!
I can’t wait to help you achieve your dreams!
Love and paint brushes,

Blooms Online Pty Ltd
Salon Rouge Gallery
19 Carrington Street
Kapunda 5373
South Australia

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